ADT Medical Alert Frequently Asked Questions


How does ADT Medical Alert system’s work?

There are two main pieces that all our systems come with. The first is a base station. This communicates with our monitoring center in the event of an emergency. All base stations offer two-way voice and have an average of 30 seconds or less for the response time. The second piece of equipment is a waterproof pendant or wristband the user would wear. In the event of an emergency, they would push the button built into our pendants and wristbands. Once they push the button it would alert our monitoring center and an ADT agent would communicate over the base station by asking if they need first responders. When the user responds they can ask for help or let us know it was a false alarm. In the event the agent doesn't hear a response over the speaker, they will attempt to call the primary phone number listed on file. If there is no answer still, the agent will follow normal emergency dispatch instructions which will tell them to call the user's emergency contacts or first responders, whatever is preferred.

Press Button: Press the personal help button to send an emergency alert to ADT. Fall detection pendants can automatically send an alert if a fall occurs.

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

We Respond: ADT senior-sensitivity-trained monitoring professionals will communicate using two-way voice to see if help is needed.


What is Fall Detection and how does it work?

As an optional feature, both our Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Systems offer Fall Detection for an additional fee. A lightweight and waterproof pendant, Fall Detection can alert a trained ADT Medical Alert Specialist in the event of a fall, even if the help button hasn't been pushed. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.

Currently fall detection is only available in a pendant. If it were built into the wristband this would increase the potential of false alarms due to how much the average person moves their arms daily.

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.


ADT Medical Alert On-The-Go with Pendant
Does it interfere with a pacemaker?

Our Medical Alert pendants and lanyards do not interfere with pacemakers. If you have any additional questions, please consult your doctor.

Is the device voice activated?

No but 2-way voice will allow an ADT agent to communicate with the user over the base unit. With the fall detection pendants, ADT receives alerts without the customer having to physically push the button*. The user would still need to press the button for other non-fall related emergencies.

*Fall Detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

Do I need a landline?

Not necessarily. Most customers are covered in their areas by our AT&T LTE services. For those who aren't, they will need a landline to be eligible for our Basic Medical Alert unit. For any questions or to check to see if service is available in your area, please call the sales number listed to speak to a representative.

What is the ADT Medical Alert Wall Mount Button?

The Wall Mount Medical Alert Button allows you to obtain emergency help when the button is pressed. The waterproof button works with the Medical Alert Plus and On the Go systems. You can mount the Wall Mount Button on a flat surface such as a wall or place it a on a tabletop. The Wall Mount Button does include mounting hardware. There is not a speaker on the button, but upon pressing, you will be able to communicate with an emergency operator via the base on your Medical Alert Plus or On-the-Go device. If we don't receive a response, we will send first responders.

ADT Medical Alert Wall Mount Button
What is the Lockbox?

The Lockbox is for Property Preservation and keeps a door key easily accessible for the people who need it. It can be hung on a doorknob, fence or railing.

The lockbox combination is customizable to each user and allows up to 10,000 different combinations in which the user can choose.

How am I able to reset the Lockbox combination?

Your Lockbox combination is factory preset to 0-0-0-0.

Make sure your Lockbox currently is set to 0-0-0-0.

  1. Open the Lockbox door.
  2. Remove the rubber plug to expose the reset lever.
  3. Slide the silver reset lever to the left and then down, as indicated by the direction the arrow is pointing. Leave the reset lever in this position while resetting the combination. 
  4. Keeping the Lockbox door open, select the new desired combination on the dials. Note: Hold your fingers on the reset lever to keep it from coming out of position while setting the combination.
  5. Check the operation of the Lockbox using the new combination to ensure that it functions properly.
  6. If the door opens and closes, skip to 8.
  7. If the door does not open and close, reset the combination to 0-0-0-0, and then return to 1.
  8. Slide the reset lever back to original position and replace the rubber plug.


What happens if they can’t hear the base unit in another part of the house, outdoors, etc?

In the event of a detected emergency, an ADT agent will reach out to the customer across the 2-way voice communicator on the base unit. If they do not receive a response, then our monitoring department will call the primary number we have on file to attempt to make contact a second time. If we still do not receive a response, then the ADT agent will follow the emergency dispatch instructions. That will tell us to either call the user's emergency contacts first or first responders, whatever is preferred.

Will I be charge if the authorities are called?

ADT does not charge for false alarms. We recommend you speak with your local authorities on any charges that you may receive for a false alarm through the emergency services in your area.

What happens If I accidently set the alarm off by either dropping it or pushing the button?

You have about 15 seconds to cancel the alarm once it has been pressed. On our Basic and Plus Medical Alert systems, there is a reset button that allows you to easily cancel the alarm. Once the alarm is detected, the base will also speak to you telling you if it's a false alarm, what to do and if not wait for it to connect to the monitoring station and speak to a live agent and tell them it's a false alarm.


What are my payment options? Do I need to sign a contract?

ADT Medical Alert is proud to offer ForeveRate™, our price-lock guarantee which ensures your price will stay the same forever. We have options for monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. If you elect to go with quarterly or annual it can offer some additional discounts on the monitoring service. ADT Medical Alert doesn't have any long-term contracts so in the event you select quarterly or annual billing but end the service before that period ends, ADT will send you a prorated check back with the remaining balance, so you are only charged for the months used.

Do you offer discounts to seniors?

ADT offers billing discounts and other promotions that can help with the cost.

I am on a fixed income, does Medicare or Medicaid pay for the system?

ADT does have Government and Insurance funding options available. However, ADT representatives are unable to determine whether or not you qualify. To do so, you would need to apply through your insurance to see if you are approved for assisted funding. If you are approved, your case worker will reach out to ADT and set up the service for you.

This can be a lengthy process which could take some time. If you need the service immediately, you can set up an account under self-pay and when the approval comes through, we can convert your account to assisted funding and bill your insurance moving forward.

Can I set up auto pay from my bank account?

Yes, you are able to set up auto-pay! We would simply send you the first prorated bill by mail and then you can make an account online or call our billing department to set that up for you.

Can I pay for the system for my loved one?

Yes, we can bill to a separate address.


How soon will I receive the system if I was to place the order?

ADT's fulfillment team ships the systems using free 2-day shipping; however, the order must be placed before 2PM EST (Monday-Friday) to ensure the 2nd day delivery. If an order is placed after the 2PM deadline or on the weekends, the system will arrive within the next 2-3 business days. An order can be requested to be overnighted for an additional fee through phone sales only. The unit will be shipped via FedEx.

Can you ship the unit to my address and then I will take the system to my loved one and help set it up?

Yes, we can ship to a separate address. There will be an option that you can select during the checkout process to ship to a separate address that differs from the billing or end-user's location.

Account Information

How many people may I list on my Emergency Contact List?

There is no limit. While it’s required to have one emergency contact, most customer tend to average around 1-3.

Am I able to take my ADT Medical Alert system with me when I go on vacation, move to a new location, or assisted living facility?

Yes, the On-The-Go system is portable so you can take the comfort and familiarity of ADT monitoring with you anywhere you go. Just notify the monitoring center of your new location if you are leaving for an extended period. If you move permanently, you can also take your Medical Alert Basic or Medical Alert Plus system with you. Remember to update your address with ADT when you move.

ADT Medical Alert Premium Protection Plan

Are the products covered under any type of warranty?

Yes, all devices are covered under our Premium Protection Plan which is included at no additional cost to the customer. The devices and all accessories will remain protected under this plan as long as you are an active customer.

What situations are covered under warranty?

ADT will replace and cover 100% of the costs for device replacement for many different situations such as damage from normal wear & tear, power surges, manufacturing defects, and any type of battery replacement needed. ADT will also cover situations such as accidental spillage/droppage or damage caused by dust, heat, or humidity for a low one-time deductible charge.

I accidently dropped my device and now it won’t turn on. Is this covered under the warranty?

Yes, accidental droppage and spillage is covered under warranty with a one-time deductible charge. ADT understands accidents do happen and we want to make sure our customers are protected and don’t have to pay full replacement costs for these situations.

Is there a limit in how many times a device is replaced under warranty?

Yes, but it depends on the reason for replacement. For accidental spillage/droppage or damage caused by dust, heat, or humidity; there is a 1 base unit and 2 accessory per calendar year limit. For replacements reasons such as normal wear & tear, power surges, manufacturing defects, or battery replacements; there is no limit.

What happens if I lose my Medical Alert device? Can I get a replacement under the Premium Protection Plan?

If you lose your Medical Alert device, it is highly suggested to look very hard for it as it is not covered under the Premium Protection Plan and full replacement costs will be charged. If you are an On-the-Go device user, you can contact an ADT representative to help you locate your device by using the built-in GPS signal.